Andrew Morgan assisting the bride and groom at their wedding in Hedingham

Your wedding day is such a fantastic and special occasion, one that has enjoyed great anticipation as well as detailed planning. Engaging a toastmaster for your wedding allows you to relax and enjoy your day safe in the knowledge that your celebrations will be professionally managed with your wishes for the day attended to.

As a toastmaster I see myself as Personal Assistant to the Bride and Bridegroom. Matters of etiquette and protocol can be advised upon, but as each wedding is special and individual the particular wishes of each bridal party can be accommodated. This allows each celebration to be successful and memorable with its own unique style and ambience.

My role in your plans is discussed at an informal yet professional meeting prior to the big day. Duties of a toastmaster include but are not limited to:

Enjoy your celebrations knowing that your plans and wishes are being attended to at every step.